Bonjour 🙂
This is my portfolio in illustration and graphic design. Welcome!

My name is Johanna and I am a freelance illustrator / graphic designer, originally from Sweden (yes, I do know how to pronounce IKEA furniture names...) but now I'm living in the city of lights: Paris.
Here I can eat lots and lots of tasty “pâtisseries” (Yum!) and now and then also enjoy the occasional “grève” (Yay...).
After a master degree in Visual Communication I started out illustrating for magazines, publishing houses and advertising agencies. And every now and then I find myself doing logos and stuff too.

A bientôt!


Begin to understand yourself and the people around you with this book
that explains the Enneagram in a fun and simple way!

Written by Nathalie Leclef and illustrated by me.
Edited with éditions Eyrolles.

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